Sunday, January 18

Valentines Creative Weekend One

Sundays are so much fun for me...whether it's cooking/baking for the week or taking on new designing projects. I was thinking that I haven't done holiday hats or anything like that for my store yet. So I'm getting ahead of the game (for myself) and worked on a couple of fun hats today. The one I finished before writing this blog is the Skully Love Cap. Isn't it cute?!

 The second one is almost finished and it's called Tiny Hearts. I can just picture all the color combos for this hat. The spots could be dots or hearts really, it's all up to you. Now I'm thinking one more hat and I'm good for the day and the designs.

 These are just a few of the new designs I will be working on for the store. I've been wanting to take the skills to the next level with fair isle knitting, the color combos and designs are so much fun to play with. With the new name and direction of the store comes new labeling possibilities. I'm working on some vegan leather tags and unbleached stamped tags for the hats. Can't wait to play some more! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend and enjoys their evening. xo

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