My name is Sarah Weichers and I live in a small town in Oregon. I was born in California, but my family up and moved to Oregon when I was young. So I like to say I'm a proud Oregonian with the love of nature that surrounds me here. Through my 20's I've experience so much traveling and had a great adventure driving across country to settle in Massachusetts. Spent 10 years over on the East Coast and decided it was time to come home to small town living and my family. I've settled in while finding the love of my life, Ed. We own an upholstery shop together where I take on furniture and his long time experience is everything else. I'm a step-mother to his older son...which was rocky to deal with a young moody teenager, but has grown up to be a great young man. I also like to say I have a daughter, our little dog Bella was adopted 3 years ago and is such a treasure. 

Growing up a very creative Mother... I learned crocheting, sewing, cooking and baking from her. Taking the love for needle arts I've learned much more about crocheting, self taught knitter and tunision crochet. Owning little online businesses for soy candles, lip butters and soaps...then later on doing one for crochet and knitting has allowed me to learn so much. With that knowledge I've taken on a project of re-branding and opening Northwest Knits. I'm know I will have so much fun taking that shop in the direction I've wanted to and excited to have the opportunity to do so. With all of these passions I also love to cook and bake. The knitting offer outside comfort and love, while good food made with love offers comfort, love and healing for the inside. I had a rude awakening a couple of years ago with my health and was finally diagnosed with Celiac's disease. I had been dealing with so much pain, discomfort and mood swings because I dealt with that and migraines daily for years. After being diagnosed I did what I'm good at...find every bit of information I could about it and re-taught myself how to cook and bake different using gluten free and paleo recipes.

This is my journey of life, love, creating yummy food and comfy cozy things. Hoping to share lovely and fun patterns for those that share the same love as well as recipes and photos.

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