Monday, November 3

To Our Bella Mia

It was three years ago that this sweet little girl came into our lives. Not a human baby, but a sweet furbaby in need of being adopted and loved. Her previous owners were cruel to her and I thought we were going to be on a rocky road at first with her. That wasn't the case at all! She took to both my husband and I right away...seriously it was like she was part of the family right away. My husband has had pets growing up but and in his adult years living in Oregon, he thought of the wildlife as his pets to a degree. Our home is surrounded by woods and lots of wild life. So I know what he meant right away with his logic of them being his pets too. Every year we have the new and last generation of deer, turkeys, etc coming around our property.

Our little one has proven to Ed what it feels like to have dog truly become part of the family. I remember him saying a few months after adopting her..."I can see why people live longer from having pets". The love, playfulness, loyalty and the gift to make you smile at almost anytime is a gift we cherish. Bella is our daughter more than a dog in our life. She goes with us almost everywhere (within reason of course) and loves to travel. I love making stuff for her and she actually likes it too. This picture below was taken seconds after I put her newly knitted sweater on. That tale was going crazy with happiness!

I was tempted to add a picture of my husband playing with Bella, but he frowns on that since he was wearing his Valentine's pj bottoms. That always makes me giggle! I wanted to share this because she is precious and she filled a hole in my heart where I wanted a baby so bad at many points in my adult life. She is perfect in every way and I wouldn't change a thing. Happiness, content, furbaby, love is what I feel everyday spent with her and the moments my husband Ed is goofy and loving to her is the best ever.

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