Tuesday, February 25

Body telling me things need to change...

It's taken me a long time to figure out if I was going to write a blog. A few months back I finally found out what was going on with my health. It's been years that I've been having off and on health issues, there were times I almost thought maybe the dreaded "c" word. Thankfully it wasn't cancer...although I avoided doctors like the plague. My whole family is that way, if our arm was falling off we may consider going to the hospital. My body had a complete breakdown with my first ever full on anxiety attack. It was rather confusing since my heart was beating out of my chest, body started to go completely numb & the list went on. Honestly I thought that was it! Not to sound dramatic...but strokes & heart attacks run in my family. So I thought that was what I was having. While I was in the ER, the doctor started to tell me about food allergies and my body could be reacting to a break down & full resistance of something I eat or drank. I've never had allergies or anxiety before...so this was all new to me. So I started reading up on gluten and after reading all the symptoms I was amazed that it's what I've been having. I kept getting links to Celiacs disease every time I was searching gluten free diets & issues. After reading those symptoms and looking at the mystery rash on my legs...it blew me away! All of it seemed to close to what I've been dealing with, including serious headaches, sinus issues & loosing my concentration so easily (brain fog). I finally went in and was tested, with the first test coming back negative. I soon found out it was a false negative. So I ate some gluten (suffered for it) and trudged back in for testing, which came back positive. So begins my extreme lifestyle change.

I know gluten free is such a fad, just like coconut oil (which I use a lot of and LOVE). No not everyone has a need to go gluten free, although I suspect GMO's have caused a lot of the issues with our wheat & crops. All that altering can't be good for anyone & we could finally be getting the effects by it. More and more people are dealing with gluten sensitivities as well as finding out they have Celiacs. I'm not going to get on the GMO rant, it's not about that. To me it's trusting your food & hoping you are nourishing yourself, rather than slowly killing yourself. I will tell you that for me taking away gluten has had some amazing positive impacts. I'm not waking up with headache/migraines, loosing weight finally, a little bit more energy every day, some more clarity in the brain & well everything is looking up. Although I still get contaminated from things I eat...although I try hard to read everything carefully and make good decisions. My husband has really helped me so much, he went gluten free with me. Hasn't cheated on the gluten free once! So proud of him & he's noticed a difference as well.

This long story is the beginning of my new journey. My mood has leveled while feeling better & my new journey of life, cooking & baking. I've been baking my own bread each week & have played with so many recipes I've found online. So this is just my take on things, recipes I love & want to share as well as things I make on the side for my little business.

Feel free to email me with questions or some suggestions as well!



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